Iran Electrical Equipment Engineering  (IREEE) Company was established in 1991 as a quality inspection company to inspect electrical equipment used in the electrical power sector. Later on, it was delegated with the task of transferring knowledge and technology of production of electrical equipment from the most advanced countries in the world. Along this line, it succeeded in transferring the knowhow and technology of  production lines for eleven (11)  very important electrical equipment such as Hardware Fittings for Transmission Lines, Composite and Multimode OPGW (Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire) Cables,   20,33KV Surge Arresters, 400 amps Automatic Transfer Switch,   all types of Metal Halide and Sodium-Vapor Lamps, designing Overhead Transmission Line Lattice Towers, Toughened Glass Insulators and Replacing of existing ground wires with OPGW under hot-line conditions, etc. Then, most of the aforementioned equipment were mass produced for the first time in the production lines/facilities of this company making this country self-sufficient in the said areas.  IREEE established Tarrah Gostaran Pooya Company in 1996, and ventured into designing and producing lattice towers for transmission line.  Subsequently, IREEE expanded further and started executing transmission line projects on EPC/ turnkey basis very actively and seriously.

Sim Noor Pooya Company was founded in 1997 to be the pioneering producer of OPGW in the country.  Later on, Yaragh Avaran Pooya (Y.A.P) and Noor Afshan Companies were established in 1999 to produce Hardware Fitting and Lamps, respectively.    Continuing establishing production units, IREEE established yet another company, Pars Maghareh,  in 2001 to  produce Toughened  Glass Insulators.

Developing company’s activities in oil and gas projects, IREEE established Arya Petro Gas Company in 2002.

Following the privatization policy in Iran, the governmental shares of subsidiaries of IREEE were first transferred/ sold to the private sector, and then the shares of the mother company, too. The new private shareholding managers of IREEE rejuvenated the company making it a leading company in the power industry to manage all aspects of power industry projects at optimized cost and from front end engineering design to turnkey delivery. Now, IREEE, one hundred per cent (100%) private, has in its group three other companies: YAP Co, Hardware Fittings Manufacturer, Persian Sazeh Co, Tower Manufacturer and Nikan Niroo Sanat Co, involved in test and commission of substations.