HSE, QA and QC


HSE is not only our priority, it is our core value. We strive for excellence and try our level best to avoid accidents. The safety of our employees, clients and the public supersedes everything else.

Iran Electrical Equipment Engineering Co has adopted Safety First as part of its commitment to improve safety standards within the company and the industry. It operates several safety initiatives to create, foster and enforce a culture where everyone goes home every day unharmed. The role and responsibilities of this department are:

  • Coordinating the overall activities of the company to meet quality, health and safety standards;
  • Monitoring and giving advice and guidelines on performance issues related to Quality Management Systems and Health and Safety;
  • Liaising with managers and staff members throughout the company to ensure that quality and safety systems are functioning properly;
  • Promoting quality achievement and performance improvement throughout the company;
  • Serving as the primary quality control and safety source for problem identification, resolution, loss reporting and continuous improvement;
  • Developing and implementing quality management strategy and plans to support, contribute to and integrate within the company’s business plan and long term strategy;
  • Designing, developing and ensuring full implementation of quality control and safety systems;
  • Submitting reports on quality and safety violations and performing root-cause analysis and other problem solving activities to identify effective corrective actions and process improvements;
  • Ensuring the application of all related processes, policies and procedures prior to commencement of company`s projects and respected throughout the full life cycle of the projects;
  • Ensuring compliance with national and international standards and legislation;
  • Establishing and implementing necessary communications strategy for the improvement and awareness of quality and safety issues across all departments;
  • Preparing and managing department budget in line with the company`s objective and in full coordination with the CFO;
  • Approving the annual safety and security plan and goals, identifying projects, setting budgets and managing expenditures;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the safety and security plan, supporting the Company’s goals and objectives;
  • Performing systematic and periodical reviews and reports to management on quality and safety issues, trends and losses;
  • Performing periodical visits to different locations to ensure full implementation of quality and safety standards;
  • Managing and monitoring quality control and safety personnel on day-to-day basis;
  • Providing ongoing training and communication to quality and safety personnel located in different business units within the company and
  • Monitoring and approving investigation reports regarding theft, alarms, accidents, injuries and other incidents that may occur.